Luxury wedding suit and accessories

Costumes can be used for weddings, of different kinds but a suit can be worn as a comfortable but very chic everyday suit.

We are entering the field of “casual” which means that we can wear it every day, the outfit that will make the link between the suit and the more casual weekend.

The classic blazer is the one you wear with the most outfits, it is very easy to wear because we can wear it with jeans or a sock.

Most often, it is navy blue with a weave offering relief, but it can be found in black and grey.

On the trousers side, the colour will most often be navy, beige or grey. Finally, in terms of material, it goes from cotton, to classic wool, to thick wool.

The shirt is often required for a less formal outfit than the full suit, but always very dressed.

For a trendy casual outfit while staying dressed, wearing a fitted jacket, worn on a t-shirt over jeans with boots on the feet will be perfectly adapted and very chic.

A beautiful suit 

While black and anthracite are often required during the winter, in summer cotton and linen appear with bright colours (red, green, light blue,…) that will be particularly appreciated.

I find that the casual suit is the most pleasant because it allows you to be very chic and presentable while keeping the look without any headache and not too much to do. The result is very classy and attracts a large number of fans.

The cuts are adjusted, the jacket is short and the design in the characteristics is appropriate: thin lapels, thin pockets etc.

Unlike the custom wedding suit, the casual outfit meets certain codes that are important for purists: wide lapels, shoulder with a pronounced roll or Neapolitan for amateurs…

For jackets, patterns are often appreciated (small checks, stripes, window panes…) and mixed colours. Depending on the fabric and style required, the choice of pockets can vary: patch pockets with or without flaps…

The vest, worn alone or in contrast to a jacket, is a popular option. It allows you to play with patterns/colors.

Finally, regarding the pants, the fuselage is not too pronounced and the lapels on the bottom of the legs are often required.

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